The Indian Association Oldham was established in 1968 with the arrival in Oldham of people from India, way back in the late 1950s. By late 1960s approximately 40 Indian families had made Oldham as their new home. The IAO has come a long way since 1968, and its pioneering services are enjoyed by people from many backgrounds in Oldham as well as from outside of Oldham. The aims of the Association is to work towards a vibrant and flourishing community participating in cultural and community activities in Oldham and the surrounding area whilst developing a ‘Centre of Excellence’ open to all. The Association is committed to advancing and supporting the social, cultural, religious, leisure, welfare and educational needs of the community residing in Oldham and promoting good relations between people of different backgrounds. We invite you to join us with your family to at our centre, make new friends and have great fun!