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Day : Sunday
Time: 9:30am – 12.30 noon

Namaste & Jai Shree Krishna My name is Gouri Ghosh. I am the Natraj Dance Academy IAO’s Secretary. On behalf of Indian Association Oldham, along with Karuna Jaipal and Padma Mistry, we are running the Natraj Dance Academy (NDA). We are the volunteers of this organisation. Natraj Dance Academy opened in October 2016. It’s a dance school teaches Indian classical dance, which is known as Bharatnatyam. We have a qualified Bharatnatyam teacher call Jayanthi Sivakumar, who delivers the session once a week for three to four hours. The children work towards ISTD exam. The syllabus for each examination presented in three sections. 1. Ancillary Skills – Rhythm, Tala & Music 2. Technical Skills & Performance- movement vocabulary, Nritta, Abinaya/ Nritya & creative exercise. 3. Health & Body conditioning Theory and file. Since we’ve started the NDA, we’ve had 25 -30 children every term. There are 3 terms in a year. The dance class takes place on every Sunday morning 9.30am till 12.30pm at Shree Radha Krishna Temple Oldham. We have students from 5 years onwards up to 17-year-olds. Students also perform Bollywood as well as Bharatnatyam at various events & religious functions. Recent events our students took part in were Oldham Interfaith Forum, Manchester Mega Mela, OMBC Christmas party, Shivratri & International Women’s Day at Shree Radha Krishna Temple & Rass Garba Competition at Wythenshawe. If anyone is interested in their daughter or son to join Natraj Dance Academy then please contact me on this number- 07954380980

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